Developer Student Club

⚡ Developer Student Club

The Developer Student Clubs (DSC) program is a grassroots channel through which Google provides development skills for students, towards employability. In addition to workshops, Google also provides an opportunity for students to apply their newly gained skills to develop solutions for local organizations, and then provide visibility via showcases.

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🚀 Our Mission

Provide native app and web development skills to students to help them work towards employability.

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DSC Lead

👨‍💻 Developer Student Club Lead

This is Muhammad Saad, a sophomore who is studying Computer Sciences at the University of Engineering and Technology. During the day, Saad leads one of the Google Student Communities — Developer Student Clubs — at his university. By night, he dabbles with ReactJS, GatsbyJS, and NodeJS. Other than this, he is an open-source enthusiast, a tech lover, and a huge season fanatic.

DSC Core Team

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DSC UET Launch

⚡ Developer Student Club UET Launch

This year, for the first time in Pakistan, Google introduced its student developer community — Developer Student Clubs.

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